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Results & Lessons of the CCTA Bus Drivers' Victorious Strike

Journalist Thomas Grace and former driver and Teamster activist Scott Ranney discuss the results and lessons of the successful Vermont CCTA bus drivers' strike. Thomas and Scott explain why the drivers' issues resonated with other working people, and draw out key lessons for effective working class self-organization.

CCTA Bus Drivers Fighting for Safe & Livable Jobs

CCTA driver Rob Slingerland and former driver Chuck Norris-Brown explain the core issues in their dispute with management:
1. SAFE & REASONABLE WORKING CONDITIONS: Management wants to extend the length of split-shifts to 13 ½ hours. This extension of already long hours raises safety issues for everyone on the road.
2. FULL-TIME EMPLOYMENT: Management wants to bring in more part-time workers. Drivers do not want to see full-time jobs being turned into part-time work. We want our drivers to have livable jobs.

Saving Our Postal Service

Patty Dewey, President of American Postal Workers Union (APWU) Local 520 in White River Junction and John Dirzius, APWU Northeast Region Coordinator and National Executive Board member talk about Saving Our Postal Service. The APWU is calling for a “grand alliance” to save the USPS as a public postal service. "History shows that movements move Congress ... Movements create legislative victories. Writing to Congress is important, but it is not enough.

Good Public Transport Depends on Respect & Safe Conditions for Bus Drivers

Former Chittenden County Transportation Authority driver Jon Flanders explains why Good, Safe Public Transport Depends on Respect & Safe Working Conditions for Bus Drivers. CCTA management is failing to negotiate a fair contract with the drivers' union and refuses to address important safety concerns. That is why broad community support is building for the CCTA drivers in their contract fight for safety, dignity and respect.