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Governor’s Dropping Ball on Universal Healthcare - an Economic or a Political Decision?

Professor Gerald Friedman, healthcare economist at the UMass, Amherst Economics Department, responds to Governor Shumlin's announcement that moving Vermont to universal healthcare is "unwise and untenable at this time." On the basis of the information that the Administration provided, Friedman concludes that the Governor is abandoning Vermont’s universal healthcare plan because it is slightly more expensive than expected; his decision is clearly driven by political rather than economic concerns.

FairPoint Service Quality & the E911 Debacle

FairPoint strikers Mike O’Day and Greg Guyette, members of CWA Local 1400, discuss the general break down of FairPoint service quality and the November 28th Emergency 911 outage, when some 100 attempted emergency calls in Vermont could not be completed. It took close to 18 hours for FairPoint to see which ones were emergency calls and provide that list to the state.

FairPoint Workers Strike Against Wall Street “Wolves”

Don Trementozzi (CWA) and Mike Spillane (IBEW) discuss the stakes for customers and employees at FairPoint. On October 17th nearly 2,000 FairPoint Communications employees, members of IBEW Locals 2320 (New Hampshire), 2326 (Vermont), and 2327 (Maine), and CWA Local 1400 (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont) began an unfair labor practice strike over FairPoint Communications unwillingness to bargain in good faith, and the company's illegally imposing its final proposals without the parties having reached impasse.