Vermont AFL-CIO’s Political Summit, No More Politics As Usual

Vermont AFL-CIO President, David Van Deusen, discusses plans for a historic political summit on December 7, 2019 in order to make a determination as to how we move forward with our political agenda, how we may change our approach to the legislative process, and to re-evaluate our relationship to the political parties and elections/endorsements. For too long the Vermont AFL-CIO has endorsed dozens and dozens of candidates (who win), and then those elected officials FAIL to advance a Labor agenda. In the last election we helped elect a “veto proof majority” of Democrats and Progressives to the Vermont Statehouse, and yet in 2019 the General Assembly could still not be bothered to pass the livable wage bill or the workers classification enforcement bill. Another of our top priorities, card check, did not even receive a single hearing in the VT House or VT Senate. This is unacceptable. These facts compel us to re-evaluate who is with us and who is against us. One thing is certain; politics as usual is not good enough. Together we must chart a new path towards growing the political power of Organized Labor.