What the Nordic Countries Tell Us About Creating Better Lives

Anu Partanen, author of The Nordic Theory of Everything: In Search of a Better Life, discusses what the Nordic countries can tell us about creating a better country. Anu is joined by Isaac Grimm, lead organizer of Rights and Democracy Vermont's Raise Up Vermont campaign. Anu shares Finland's experience with providing universal economic and social rights including free quality healthcare from cradle to grave, up to a year of paid sick leave with job security, ten months of paid parental leave, inexpensive, high-quality day care, free world class education from pre-school through college, four or five weeks of paid vacations, taxation based on ability to pay... "an example from which America could profitably borrow, and in the process, possibly return itself to its former glory."
Isaac explains the organizing it will take to win Raise Up Vermont's goals to: 1. Raise job standards by making the minimum wage a livable wage; and 2. Establish family and medical leave insurance, so Vermont's working families can care for their loved ones.