Stopping Republican Healthcare Attacks & Demanding Medicare for All

Mark Dudzic, national coordinator of the Labor Campaign for Single-Payer Health Care, warns that the Senate Republican's "Better Care Reconciliation Act" isn't about fixing Obamacare, but is a key part of their class war on working Americans that Republicans will keep on bringing back because their main goal is to fund tax cuts for the rich by depriving millions of vulnerable Americans of their healthcare. The Bill permanently eliminates all taxes that the ACA levied on high income Americans and healthcare corporations while retaining the hated Cadillac Tax on decent employment-based health plans that many working families rely on, and would make it easier for employers to cut insurance benefits or eliminate them altogether. However, in the face of a relentless assault by the Trump Administration and the Republican Congress on the very idea of social insurance, the movement for expanded and improved Medicare for All is getting stronger every day! Dudzic warns that unions strong enough to protect decent benefits for their members fall prey to the “politics of resentment” where opportunistic politicians channel the public’s grievances over losing their own health benefits into resentment of workers who still have good benefits. Public workers are particularly vulnerable to this assault. The only way to guarantee decent long-term access to healthcare for active and retired union members and their families is to take it off the bargaining table and make it a right for everyone in America.