$15 and a Union * Raise Up Vermont!

Stephanie Luce, a professor of labor studies at the City University of New York's Murphy Institute, and James Haslam, of Rights & Democracy, discuss the victories and significance of the Fight for 15 movement as both New York and California pass major minimum-wage increases.
After Occupy and a wave of fast-food strikes in New York City, the movement to raise wages took a new turn and a bolder stance: $15 an hour and a union. The battles for $15 have been won through hard work: organizing workers, building for strikes, creating coalitions, and challenging the economic orthodoxy that argues wages should be set by employers alone. The minimum-wage movement must build on its victories to organize workers into unions, strengthen and revitalize existing labor organizations, and link up with other progressive forces such as Black Lives Matter, immigrant rights groups, and Bernie Sanders supporters. This is the perspective of Rights & Democracy's Raise Up Vermont campaign.