Results & Lessons of the CCTA Bus Drivers' Victorious Strike

Journalist Thomas Grace and former driver and Teamster activist Scott Ranney discuss the results and lessons of the successful Vermont CCTA bus drivers' strike. Thomas and Scott explain why the drivers' issues resonated with other working people, and draw out key lessons for effective working class self-organization. Community groups, unions, and the public united in support of the drivers who made driver fatigue and public safety a key issue in the contract dispute. “We will not let the public down by driving under unsafe conditions,” said driver Rob Slingerland, one of the lead organizers of the drivers rank-and-file contract campaign. “Driver fatigue is a leading factor in accidents in the transit industry.” Teamsters Local 597 members also fought for and won contract language to curb unfair discipline, including management’s abuse of anonymous tips to write up drivers. The management and corporate politicians tried unsuccessfully to whip up public resentment against "greedy union drivers", but a powerful a driver-community alliance forged well before the strike managed instead to put predatory management on trial.