May Day Health and Dignity March, Rally and Day of Action

Mari Cordes, FNHP union leader, Jim Fouts, a CCTA bus driver, and Stauch Blaise, a Workers Center volunteer, discuss the vital issues of work with dignity and the right to healthcare being addressed by this May Day's Health and Dignity March, Rally and day of action. Many people in Vermont are struggling to meet their fundamental needs and fulfill their human rights, such as healthcare, education, livable wages, for bias-free policing, and paid sick days. Over the past year, we have seen these needs and rights come under attack. Decisions are being made that will affect our lives for years to come, and we aren’t given a seat at the table. On May 1st, 1886, hundreds of thousands of union and unorganized workers went on strike from coast to coast with the demand of an “eight-hour work day with no cut in pay.” Today May Day is an official holiday in 66 countries, and is celebrated by millions of people around the world struggling for justice. For the past 6 years the Vermont Workers Center and allies have been rallying on May Day to show the growing power of a peoples' movement, to celebrate our families and our communities, and to demand that the Legislature and Administration honor workers and human rights. This May Day will also see the ramping up of the organizing campaign to hold the Legislature and Administration accountable to implementing universal healthcare in Vermont.