Why We Should Stand up for the Rights of All Families & Oppose Reach Up Caps

Melissa Bourque explains why we should stand up for the rights of all families and oppose Reach Up caps. The House Human Services and Budget committees had a close vote to impose lifetime limits on Reach Up participants, mostly children and single moms. This would mean families get kicked off of necessary programs after an arbitrary time limit. We should be discussing how to create policy that puts people first, not how to destroy the little we have to support our communities. We need to create a system in which everyone can meet their fundamental needs, and until we win that system, assistance programs are absolutely necessary. As a state, we should be standing together with parents, especially single moms, as heros rather than blaming them for a situation the 1% created. False solutions like this don't save money, they just cause more human suffering and undermine the human rights victories we’ve won so far. Let's not allow these attacks to divide our communities.